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We have invited videographer and small business owner, Sammy Sarzoza of Minneapolis, MN, to share his expertise and experience on the EZ Air Park weblog so you can learn how to get more from your company’s video promotions.

Social media and video marketing are very important tools for targeting and connecting with your audience or potential customers/clients. That being said and generally known, you must have a plan for how you intend to use your media even before you begin production. Decision such as; will you release 10-second videos via Twitter every week for a month, will you use your video to describe how to use your service to your Facebook “Likes?” , or will you create a viral piece and release it on Tumblr in secret?

You should not just produce a video, put it out there, and hope for the best. Your media will get lost in the sea of everything out there or worse, you could have your product or service mistaken for a joke. It has happened to a lot of companies and it can cost you business.

When you produce any sort of media, it is important to remember you are presenting your company image to the world. It isn’t ‘just a video’.  It is everything everyone will perceive your business to be. Don’t go into a video campaign with a lackadaisical attitude, or try to do it on the cheap with a friend who has a camcorder.  Consider these important factors when choosing a company to produce a video. It is very essential that the company you chose will help you navigate the often misunderstood waters of social media.

Having someone say, “We’ll put it on YouTube for you.” is very different from having them build you a professional looking channel on YouTube.  There are tools like annotations and data harvesting that YouTube collects for you to help better market to your potential customers.  Having all these elements in place will help you get what I call, ‘quality views.’ Many videos have a lot of views, but ‘quality views’ are ones that drive action and generate interest in your product or service.

The bottom line is you must have a plan for distribution before you begin any video production. I am making social media a key element of my business service and I hope it will give me an edge over my competition that focuses only on production. I plan on helping my clients build a strategy for the most effective use of their valuable media.

To take a look at Sammy’s work in action, view the EZ Air Park video on Minneapolis MSP airport parking made easy, on our website at or on our YouTube channel You can learn more about professional video product from Sammy by contacting him at

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