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Choosing a Travel Destination

You want, no NEED, a vacation. Where are you gonna go? We are so fortunate that we have a big, wide world to explore and so many options accessible to us today that it sometimes makes the decision of where to go a difficult part of travel planning. As with anything, start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

1. Budget

Maybe you have resources to go anywhere in the world you want, or perhaps you have champagne tastes on a beer budget? Your travel plans may need to change a bit to accommodate your budget, so it is good to begin planning with a realistic budget to make sure you enjoy a great vacation, period. Consider the costs of airfare, ground transportation, hotel, dining, activities, and time off from work. You can choose a price checker like to get idea of costs related to travel destinations. Remember, you can save money on little things like offsite airport parking rather than airport ramp parking.

2. Climate

In the cold of the Minnesota winter, many of us want to escape to a tropical paradise, but some really want to make the most out of the winter snow for skiing in Colorado. Determine how climate and weather will impact your vacation such as weather events  like hurricanes (June to November on the Atlantic side) and seasonal differences in countries abroad (winter in Australia is June to August).

3. Activities

Do you love local festivals? Geographical sightseeing? Places rich in history? Theme Parks? Survey your family or travel partner to find out what it is you really love to do when traveling. Some locations are best for just relaxing while others offer education opportunities, extreme sports, and themed entertainment. If you are really a good travel planner, you’ll be able to make everyone happy by finding a place that offers something for everyone.

There are some great sites to get you dreaming about your next vacation. Ask your friends and family if they’ve got any suggestions based on your criteria. Visit travel related review sites to see what other people are saying about their experiences. A couple of our favorites websites include with plenty of traveler written reviews on destinations and venues and where local Minnesota travel blogger, Beth Blair, is featured, with well written articles about her personal travel experiences. So when you go, WHEREVER you go, Happy Travels!

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