Dude! Where’s Your Car?

Lots of people assume parking onsite at the airport parking ramp saves time, especially when traveling for business. Here’s a true story from one of our business customers, Joe* that proves that theory very wrong!

A couple of weeks ago Joe was flying out for a business trip on a Sunday afternoon. Due to a colossal pending blizzard his Sunday flight got cancelled and he was forced to reschedule for a Saturday night flight that was leaving in just three short hours.

In his rush, Joe decided that this trip, “to save time”, he would park onsite at MSP airport.  Normally Joe only parks at EZ Air Park in Eagan.  Luckily he made his flight and he thought disaster had been averted.

Actually, disaster had just been postponed.  Four days later, Joe returned home late in the evening exhausted.  He was looking forward to driving straight home and going to bed. After gathering his bag, he proceeded to the Terminal 1 parking ramp.

What happened next is something that happens all too often.  Joe realized that in his rush he didn’t write down the level or section he’d parked in.  Did you know that MSP has four separate ramps with multiple levels each and over 11,000 parking spaces? Neither did Joe until he started looking for his car.

He spent the next 45 minutes walking, looking for his car, and freezing while he listened to the annoying sound of his luggage wheels clunking over every crack in the concrete. For his trouble, Joe was allowed to pay double what he would have if he’d just parked at EZ Air Park.

While Joe’s story is pretty bad, it could have been worse.  We heard of another customer who had the same problem at the MSP airport parking ramp, but she had to have security drive her around until she found her car!  That sounds like an episode of Seinfeld!

You won’t have this problem when you park at EZ Air Park. We are a small, locally owned parking facility located in Eagan.  We run our shuttles 24/7 so we are always timely for drop off and pick up at MSP.  You won’t get lost or chilled looking for your car because our shuttle drivers will drive you, in our warm and roomy buses, to our lot and drop you right at your car.  If you need further assistance like a jump start, or help with a flat tire we will do whatever we can to help and get you on the road.

So, the next time you are in a rush to get to the airport, learn from Joe. Let EZ Air Park take the stress and hassle out of airport parking.  All you need to do is Park, Ride, and Relax while you save money.

*Names have been change to protect the person(s) from extreme social embarrassment.

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