21 Easy Travel Hacks

We like to make things easy…it’s in our name!

Of course, our goal is to make travel a bit easier by providing offsite parking with shuttle service to the airport to save you money and hassle.

But, we also like to share what we’ve learned about making travel easier throughout your trip.

Here are some easy travel hacks that we’ve tested and actually work!

Travel planning hacks

1. Start using travel hacks before you even start planning by using credit cards that give you miles or points that you can use for travel purchases.

2. When it comes time to book your trip use a metasearch site like Skyscanner or Kayak that compares airfare across multiple airlines. But don’t stop there. Check on airline websites directly for cheaper flights.

Get more tips on finding a cheap flight

3. Avoid crowds and costs by traveling during the ‘shoulder’ season when fewer tourists are likely to visit your destination. Many hotels and some airlines will have special promos to drive traffic to these destinations. 

4. Make sure your trip goes off without a hitch by booking your hotel, rental car, and reservations for meals, events, and other attractions as early as you can. This is especially important if you’ll be visiting during a heavy tourist season. 

Tech-savvy travel hacks

5. Use technology to help you along the way. Save your data and download apps like Google Maps and Google Translate that allow you to access information without relying on a connection to the internet. 

6. Don’t forget to download your airline’s app to make checking in and boarding pass management easier.

7. Never forget a charging cable, power cord, or headphones again! Make a tech travel kit that stays in your luggage. Include international adaptor and some of our other favorites

Packing hacks

Let’s go on to even more packing hacks.

8. Rolling your clothes in your bag helps reduce wrinkles (when neatly rolled).

9. We love cubes to organize and save space in your suitcase.

10. Maximize your wardrobe and pack less by packing items you can mix and match throughout your trip, like a thin cardigan sweater, scarf, and denim jeans that can stand up to multiple days of wear.

11. Bring a lightweight, empty water bottle in your carry-on that you can fill up after the security checkpoint. Not only will you avoid purchasing expensive plastic bottles of water at the airport terminal and places along the way during your travels, but it’s also an eco-friendly choice.

12. Rather than buying travel-sized versions of your toiletries, use contact cases to store your lotions and hair products.

13. If you pack an extra set (or two) of shoes, store them in a plastic bag to keep the dirt (and smell) off your clothes. It doesn’t hurt to throw a bar of soap or dryer sheet in for odor reduction as well.

Hacks to get through security quickly

14. On the day of travel, wear shoes that are easy to slip on/off without fussing with laces or zippers. Plus, put your coat, belt, and jewelry in your luggage until you pass security to reduce the number of items you need to remove before going through the line. 

15. Avoid taking off your shoes altogether and enroll in TSA PreCheck. Not only will you have less to empty and remove from yourself and your bags, but the lines are also often shorter than the general TSA checkpoint.

Travel hacks at your destination

16. Before you get to your hotel, stop at a grocery store or local market to stock up on beverages and snacks you can store in your room. You can avoid the higher costs of eating at the hotel or neighboring restaurants and be less tempted to use the mini-bar!

17. If you’re visiting a major city with an abundance of tourist attractions, look at options like Citypass to save money on what can be an expensive part of your trip.

18. If you’re traveling internationally, wait until you get to your destination to get local currency. Rather than exchanging at the airport or bank, use an ATM to draw cash from your bank account. It will reduce the amount of cash you bring along and potentially save you money on exchange fees. 

Travel hacks to save you money

19. Most airlines, hotels, and rental car companies offer loyalty programs or frequent travelers perks. Many are free, but even those with a membership fee can be worth the expense if you travel frequently. 

20. If you travel with kids, look for museum membership benefits that let your family gain free entrance with reciprocity partnerships. Some museums also offer ‘free’ days to the public. 

21. Don’t overpay for airport parking. Parking onsite at some airports can be as high as $30 per day. Look for offsite alternates that can save you 50% or more on parking and offer shuttle service to and from the terminals.

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