Make Your Next Trip Through Airport Security Hassle Free

We are in the travel business and many executives at EZ Air Park fly on a frequent basis. Here are some simple tips our frequent travelers suggest to make getting through airport security a breeze.

•Have your passport or photo ID and boarding pass out and ready for inspection. If you are traveling with others everyone should carry their own.
•Wear slip on shoes both male and female, shoes should be placed directly on the conveyor belt, not in a tray.
•Don’t wear a belt or excess jewelry, put it in your carry-on or checked bag before getting in line.
•Have your 3oz liquids in TSA approved bag out and ready for the inspection tray.
•Remove laptop from case so it is ready to place in its own security tray. Do not put case on top or under laptop.
•Have out and ready to place in its own security tray: Kindle, video games, cell phone any personal electronics.
•Pants or skirt should have a pocket for easy access to ID/passport while going through security or use a document holder that hangs around your neck.
•Place change, watches and other metal items into carry-on luggage before getting in line.
•After passing through the metal detector don’t stand right there and put your shoes back on or pack up laptop or any other items, move out of the way. Grab all of your items and remove them from the plastic tubs, carry them over to some place off to the side (most airports have some tables and chairs set up for you to “regroup” once you pass through security), and then get yourself together. This allows other to get by and keeps the line moving.

To make your trip even more hassle-free, visit our website: and learn how offsite airport parking can save you time and money. Or you can call 6551-777-7275. EZ Air Park is located at 2804 Lexington Avenue South in Eagan, MN – right off of 35E & 494.

EZ Air Park. Park, Ride, Relax.

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