Rewarding Loyal Customers

Many people have created a special place in their wallet for loyalty cards from their favorite retailer and service operations. In a report dated July 2008 in Consumer Reports*, it was estimated that 85% of U.S. households participate in some type of rewards program either with their credit card or a retailer. Forty-one percent of these households have three to five of these cards. Along with credit cards, loyalty cards are taking the place of cash in our wallets. If your inventory of loyalty cards have run amok, try these organizing solutions:

  • For those small cards designed for your key ring (keyfobs) consider and organizer like that sold on
  • Consolidate a few cards into one by cutting out the bar code (and note the store name), place vertically, front and back, and laminating. Too much work? There is an online site that will do it for you:
  • Make use of the photo sleeve that comes with wallets that rarely get used now because of cell phone cameras.
  • Speaking of cell phones, you can download an app called CardStar to digitally store your cards, more info at or the iPhone store.
  • Finally, some stores will allow you to store your phone number which can look up your member number, which eliminates the need to carry the card around with you (keep the card at home, just in case). Concerned about privacy? You can make up a fictitious, easy to remember phone number to associate with the card.

Businesses reward their loyal customers for their patronage by offering them discounts toward future purchases and free products. EZ Air Park rewards their loyal customers through our EZ Parker Program. For every 10 days of paid parking, EZ Parkers earn one day of parking to be used on a future visit. The points are stored electronically and earned and redeemed by using an electronic card. This card also gives EZ Parkers an advantage of speedier access and exits to and from the lot, making trips to and from the MSP Airport hassle free. Aside from free parking and automated lot access, EZ Parkers enjoy the convenience of linking their credit card to their account for automatic transaction processing at the auto pay lane, the ability to track and print their parking history and receipts online, receive email receipts and earn additional days of free parking for referring friends and family to our EZ Parker Program.

To learn more about our EZ Parker Program, visit us online at You can also enroll in the EZ Parker Program online and print off referral forms. Enrollment is also available at the cashier’s booth upon entry or exit.

*Source: Points mania. (2008). Consumer Reports, 73(7), 12-13.

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