Fear of Flying

choosing a seat on airplane

Have you been avoiding great vacations because of your fear of flying? Does your fear of flying stop you from visiting family in far away places? Taking a train or car to get to your travel destination is not the only answer to your fear of flying. Read more for some real help to get you on an airplane without the anxiety.

Fear Therapy

According to the research on the website for SOAR, a company that helps people overcome their fear of flying, one in three people have a fear of flying and half of those will NOT fly, their fears holding their feet to the ground. Companies like SOAR help people identify the root of their flying fear, educate them about flying and give them tools to help them manage their fears, like calming exercises, visualization and simulation.

Hypnosis and Neural Linguistic Programming, or NLP, can also be effective tools to help those with a fear of flying that may not have as crippling of a phobia. Hypnotherapy involves regressing to find where the fear comes from and teaches you relaxation tools. It is often used with NLP to help you reframe your mind in reference to flying, so that you conjure up peaceful or positive thoughts when thinking for flying rather than the anxiety triggering thoughts that hold you captive.

Calming Anxiety with Medications

If you have gotten some therapy for your fear of flying and are still feeling the jitters, your doctor may be willing to prescribe you anti-anxiety medication. Because medications can make one’s mind cloudy, it is very important that you following the prescribing dosage instructions do no drink alcohol, and its best to travel with a companion who can monitor your safety.

Reduce Stress

Reducing the stress of travel by planning ahead, making appropriate reservations and giving yourself enough time to get to the airport for your flight will also help. Reduce stress even more by planning on a ride to the airport. Many cities offer offsite airport parking with shuttle service that provides door-to-door service, luggage assistance and a hassle free way to arrive at the airport and back to your car again.

The world is a beautiful and intriguing place with so many lands and cultures to explore. Traveling by air can give you the freedom of time and hassle and is a widely popular and overall safe means of travel. Combating your fear of flying will allow you the freedom to come and go as you please and see what new discoveries await you.