2024 Guide to MSP Parking Rates

MSP parking rates feature image of a car on coins.

Drive yourself to and from the airport without having to worry about expensive parking prices. Various MSP parking rates are available, giving you plenty of options when you need to book, park, and fly.

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, our MSP parking rates guide will help you find the perfect balance of price, proximity, and parking security.

Parking options at MSP

At MSP you can choose to park onsite or offsite. The lots closest to the terminals are onsite and owned by the airport.

But several offsite parking options (including EZ Air Park) are also available just a few miles away from the terminal buildings.

And there are certainly benefits to parking offsite, such as:

  • • avoiding busy airport traffic
  • • directions to a parking row that’s available (instead of having to play ‘spot the free space!’)
  • • secure parking staffed 24/7
  • • help with your luggage
  • • 24/7 rides between the parking lot and the terminals.

But the biggest benefit is the cost. Offsite parking doesn’t have the same overheads and expenses as onsite airport parking.

A recent Forbes article reported that around 41% ($3.7 billion) of an airport’s non-aviation income comes from parking and car rental revenue.

And because offsite airport parking doesn’t have the same operation costs, the service charges can be lower.

How much does it cost to park at MSP?

Onsite airport parking at MSP Terminal 1 costs $5 for the first hour and $3 for each hour after that, capped at $30 per day.

Those hourly rates are great if you’re dropping someone off or picking someone up.

And if you’re away for the night (or longer if you’re going on vacation) you should only be charged the Daily Parking fee of $30 for each day you’re parked.

Current MSP Airport Rate for Parking

Here’s what you can expect to pay when parking in one of the airport’s ramps.

Daily Parking at Terminal 1$30
Terminal 1: Hourly$5 for the first hour, then $3 for every additional hour
Value Parking at Terminal 2$23
Terminal 2: Hourly$5 for the first hour, then $3 for every additional hour
ePark Elite$65 per month + usual T1 rate for time parked
Quick Ride Ramp$19
Rates verified as of 2/29/2024

EZ Air Park’s MSP offsite parking rates

If you’re traveling for a day or longer, you’ll find that offsite MSP parking rates are lower. For example, our EZ Air Park rates are about half of what you’d pay at the airport. 

The cost of MSP parking for business travelers

Onsite and offsite airport parking often have VIP-style parking rates, loyalty programs, and bulk-booking options for frequent flyers. Our frequent flyer parking program gives you premium parking at the front of the lot, electronic receipts for quicker entry and exit, and even corporate discounts.

Having your car at the airport (or close by) makes commuting easy and convenient. Parking providers understand this, and so try to make using your own car (or company car) as economical as possible. But there’s still a noticeable price difference between onsite airport parking and offsite ‘park and fly’ options.

Parking for three days at the MSP airport costs $84 (based on the Daily Rate parking plan). But using the monthly payment ePark Elite program (which gives you a guaranteed parking spot) it could cost as much as $149 for the same three day business trip.*

Fortunately, EZ Air Park isn’t that expensive.

By using an offsite airport parking company such as us, your company could save 50% on parking costs.

These savings could go towards upgraded airline seats, nicer hotel rooms, or a fancier venue to schmooze that important client.

Ready to see how affordable parking at MSP is?

Don’t avoid driving to and from the airport because of the costs of parking. Thanks to companies such as EZ Air Park, affordable offsite parking options are available.

See how little parking can cost with EZ Air Park by using our quote calculator.


*Cost calculated based on the cost of parking at the airport for three days using the Daily Rate fee. ($30 x 3) = $90