How to Safeguard Your Home While Traveling

safeguard your home during vacation

Traveling for vacation or business can be enjoyable and worrisome all at once. With all the planning for airfare, ground transportation, hotels and activities, then on to packing bags and figuring out how to get to the airport on time, it is no wonder people forget or don’t take the time to secure their home and discourage invaders waiting for an opportunity to enter a vacant home.

Here are some important and easy tips on making your home safe while you travel.

Put mail on hold

If you are going to be gone for more than a couple of days have the post office hold your mail. Also put a hold on newspaper or other daily deliveries. As an alternative, you can ask a trusted neighbor to remove and save your mail and newspaper for you until you return.

Give your home a lived in look

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a friend or pet sitter stay at your home while you are on vacation to make your home look lived in. But, if you cannot arrange someone to stay, make your home look lived in by timing indoor and outdoor lights. You could also ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway on occasion and pull your garbage carts to and from the curbs to look like there is activity at your home.

Unplug your electronics

You’ll safeguard your home and your wallet by unplugging unused electronics while you are on vacation including alarm clocks, televisions, computers and components as well as kitchen counter top appliances like the toaster and coffee pot. It will cut down on costs and the risk of electrical fires that could be caused by malfunction, weather or power surges.

Lock it up

It may go without saying, lock your doors when you leave! But don’t stop at the doors. Make sure all of your windows are locked as well. And don’t overlook the door that gives access to your home from your garage that most of us leave unlocked all of the time. Make sure all doors have a deadbolt lock and please don’t leave your keys hidden outside as a fail safe! Criminals know all of the hiding spots out there. If you own a security system, test it and turn it on! The newest technology in home security are devices that you can install on your own and monitor activity without hiring a security monitoring company. Ring Video Doorbell is one popular option that allows you to monitor your home’s entry via your phone whether you are home or away. Add on equipment, light flood lights with video monitoring could give you just the peace of mind you want when on vacation.

Keep quiet

One of the first things many people do is head to social media and announce “My vacation starts now!” Avoid posts that tag your location and wait until you return home to share pictures of your trip. No matter how private you think your social media accounts are, you’d be surprised how many people you don’t know can see what you share. Keeping your vacation on the down low when in public places, like restaurants or even work, is also a good idea.

Finally, safeguard your car when parking at airport parking ramps by locking doors before you leave. When parking offsite, choose a lot that has 24/7 staffing, good lighting and security fences for an extra measure of safety. EZ Air Park provides door-to-door shuttle service so you don’t have to wander dark parking ramps trying to find your car when coming home from vacation.