Tips on Saving Gas from an Airport Shuttle Driver

airport shuttle bus

Gas prices are hurting all of us that depend on personal transportation to work, school, running errands and for business travel or leisure travel. Here are some tips from airport shuttle drivers make saving gas a priority during their shifts.

  1.  Probably the biggest money save is cutting down on time idling. If you are waiting to pick someone up at the airport or grocery store, if the weather is favorable, turn your car off, saving gas used when not needed.
  2. Drive smart by avoiding jackrabbit stops and starts. Anticipate stops by coasting and not applying brakes until needed and use a steady acceleration when starting from a stop rather than quickly stepping on the gas pedal with a heavy foot.
  3. Maintain your vehicle by checking the breaks, tire pressure and wear, change your oil regularly and monitor the fuel system. Not only will it make sure your vehicle is running efficiently, it can extend the life of your car or truck.
  4. Choose vehicles that have proven fuel efficiency and high miles per gallon reports.

The above steps are essential to improve fuel costs and saving gas without affecting the level of service by offering a non-stop airport shuttle service. As an individual, you can exercise these tips into your personal driving use.

Further, although you have no control on fuel costs you can also save money on gas by consolidate errands to make fewer trips, joining a carpool, using mass transit, working from home or biking to work. Little changes in your driving behavior will help your pocket book and the earth.