10 things to know before traveling as a couple for the first time

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If you are thinking about traveling as a couple for the first time, you will want to keep a few things in mind to ensure a smooth and memorable trip. We have gathered some helpful advice you can use to make your first trip together less stressful.

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1. Decide on a Reason for Traveling

Before getting into everything, you must understand why you are traveling in the first place. Traveling with someone new can take some getting used to, but if you have a plan in place and know the reason for traveling, it will be much easier to create an itinerary you will both enjoy.

Not only will this bring you closer together as a couple, but it may also even help in the case of unforeseen conflicts you may face.

2. Choose a Destination

And that brings us to the first step when traveling as a couple for the first time: choosing a destination.

You really need to choose a destination you are both excited about. For this, communication is key. You don’t want to argue, and you don’t want only one person planning a trip.

You should do all the travel planning together.

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3. Decide on a Budget

Budget travel may also be essential for your first trip. Before you travel, decide on a budget. When budgeting, consider food, accommodations, and your trip itinerary. When trip planning, decide together what kind of activities you want to do.

Plan your trip itinerary around what you both decide. If one of the two travelers cannot afford a certain activity, you can choose a lower budget option or help pay for your partner to join you.

All of this should be decided ahead of time when budget planning, so there are no awkward moments while on the trip.

4. Make a Plan in Advance

Before you even book your tickets or reserve a rental car or accommodations, you need to talk through the entire trip with your partner and be clear on each other’s expectations. This is especially important if it is a new relationship and you are traveling as a couple for the first time.

One partner may want to plan everything hour by hour, while the other might want to play it by ear. It is important to know this ahead of time to avoid conflicts and anxiety while on the trip.

5. Learn How to Compromise

And that brings us to learning how to compromise as a couple when trip planning. Always allow your partner to weigh in on what will happen on your trip.

Remember, you are not traveling alone. Learning how to compromise when planning a trip allows both people to remain involved in the decision-making process and allows you to strike an equal balance.

To do this, take turns when it comes to planning the trip. If one of you is in charge of the accommodations, the other can handle the itinerary, for example. This takes all the responsibility off of one partner and shares it between the both of you.

6. Be Ready to Share

Since you will remain pretty close for the duration of your trip, you also need to learn to share. Remember, you will be sharing a bathroom with someone and will not have your own space all the time as you do at home.

Make sure to give your traveling partner the space they need to help prevent conflicts.

7. Set Aside Alone Time if You Need It

When on a solo travel trip, you have all the alone time one can ask for. However, when traveling as a couple for the first time, you have someone to see the sights and experience everything with you while traveling.

It can help to set aside some alone time in advance. If this is your first time traveling together, it can sometimes be a bit much. Take some time to be with yourself. Give your partner some space to recharge, and you can reconnect after.

Things you can do to recharge include getting a massage, reading a book, taking a run or yoga class, or shopping local boutiques.

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8. Choose Between a Window or Aisle

If you are taking a flight, you probably already know how important it is to decide who will be sitting in the aisle and who gets the window. Again, this brings us back to compromising as well.

Perhaps you can switch off between travel destinations and take turns.

9. Decide Your Travel Style

What kind of trip is right for you? You probably already discussed this when choosing your destination, but what travel style do you have?

Do you prefer airlines or a road trip? Do you want to visit museums, go backpacking, or meet new friends?

You also need to decide on the best places to visit and come up with an itinerary you are both on board with.

10. Agree on Airport Arrival Time

If you choose to fly to your travel destination, you must make sure you agree on the airport arrival time. You also need to be prepared for change before your trip.

You may encounter a delayed flight, or something else could go wrong with the plans you had made in advance. Come up with a Plan B before you embark on your trip together. Always be on the same page.

Does Traveling Together Bring You Closer?

Traveling can be a good way to strengthen your relationship. Couples who travel together often find more satisfaction in their relationship. They have better communication which leads to longer-lasting relationships.

When traveling together, make sure to have daily check-ins with one another. You can talk about your favorite parts of the trip and suggest how to do things differently the next day. Don’t let your first trip away with your partner be intimidating.

Keep the communication open and honest. Plan in advance, and your trip will go much more smoothly.

With these travel tips in mind,  you will be well on your way to creating lasting memories with your partner for years to come.

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