Who Takes Group Travel Tours Anyway?

group travel tours

We’ve all seen the advertising from our school’s alumni association, work, and travel agents showing a package deal for a group tour to explore international destinations – but does anyone really ever go on these trips? Well, yes, they do. There are quite a few benefits to group travel, but group travel tours are not for everyone.

No Planning Required

If you hate planning a trip (or just planning in general) group travel tours are a great option for you. They are organized by a group travel planner that typically has direct experience or has put in a lot of research to plan a full and rewarding tour of the selected destination. They do everything from planning dates, hotels, attractions, shows, sightseeing, free-time, hotels, and rental cars, and airfare. The more planning, the longer the trip, the higher the price you’ll pay, but it just might be the best value for you if you don’t want to put any work into your vacation.

New Places, New Faces

Maybe you aren’t the adventurous type, but you are interested in learning more about exotic lands. Group tours usually offer a comfortable and safe environment to explore foreign countries and many have guides that help you all along the way. Some tour groups simply schedule the trip for you day-by-day and leave you with a map and a transportation. You can choose the level of interaction with a tour guide.

Another benefit of group tours is the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests to you. Group tours are especially popular for singles or more mature couples that don’t have to worry about accommodating children’s demanding schedules. Even if you aren’t an extrovert, you can rest assured the entire group is there with the same goal, to learn and explore a new destination.

Travel Discounts

Great group tour planners will have found good deals for you on accommodations and activities and many will even have  discounts on airport parking that can accommodate single travelers or even larger groups.