How to Pack for a Long Vacation

packing for travel

A true, two week vacation? Woo Hoo! Now, how do you fit everything you need into one suitcase? Let’s make it easy to pack for a long vacation while staying stylish.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Technology has given us more than just the iPhone. Enter quick dry fabrics. Anything from hats to underwear come in quick dry fabrics now and are super easy to wash, dry overnight on the deck, in an open window or in the bathroom (if you’re really lucky, they’ll be heated towel bars!)

Making Light Work of Laundry

Pack a stain stick like Tide To Go to tackle stains as they happen and make washing less of a chore. You can use shampoo to wash most fabrics and hotels usually provide plenty for free. Of course, check all labels before washing!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Get the most out of your outfits by packing coordinating neutrals and jazzing them up with a colorful belt, jewelry or scarf. Check out this cool tutorial on how to tie a scarf 18 different ways.

When Not to Skimp

Don’t skimp on the socks. Bring enough to last your trip because the best fitting, cushiony socks will not quick dry. Save space in your luggage by stuffing socks in your shoes. Oh, and if you a little extra room, pack more underwear! Of course, depending on how remote of a location you are visiting many facilities offer laundry rooms and laundry service if you REALLY don’t want to spend a minute of your precious travel time washing clothes.