What’s so great about all inclusive resorts?

all inclusive reports

All-inclusive beach resorts are becoming increasingly popular. Will they be the downfall of quaint inns and hotels that have peppered the coastlines of the tropics for decades or are they simply an accommodation for a different type of traveler?

Club Med

The pioneer of all inclusive resorts was Club Med in the 1950s. Back then, it was new way to entice international travel by getting rid of the fears of travel planning in an unknown locale. These ‘clubs’ offered accommodations, dining, tours and many other amenities so that the traveler wouldn’t need to bring much extra cash. The same concept is applied today, in a much bigger scale.

All-inclusive Amenities

Many all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico are essentially giant playgrounds, some for adults only, many good options for family. A guest merely needs to roll out of bed and the rest is taken care of for them. Some are faced with many decisions, which restaurant to dine at, which pool to visit, which hotel-planned activity to join. With so many amenities at your fingertips, there is barely a need to leave the grounds.


Are all-inclusive and exploring mutually exclusive terms? They don’t have to be. Many all inclusive resorts offer hotel credits that can be applied to excursions outside of the resort, like zip-lining and sight-seeing. If you like to adventure on your own, book a resort that is close to a town that you can visit when wanting a bit of the local flavor.

All-inclusive resorts aren’t for everybody nor for every trip. They are perfect for the traveler that just wants to get away to a relaxing location or a family with small children that doesn’t plan on a lot of excursions outside of the resort.