What To Do With Your Vehicle When You Travel

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When you are taking an extended trip, there is a lot you have to plan while you are away to ensure everything is protected until you get back.

You must take important steps like safeguarding your home when traveling and designating an emergency contact. One of the most common things you need to plan is your transportation to and from the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP Airport) and what to do with your car when traveling.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, for a week or a few months, here are all your options

How To Get To The Airport Without Your Car

Before you can plan what to do with your car when traveling, you will need first to determine how you will get to the airport. In Minneapolis/St. Paul, there are many options:

  • Take a cab or a rideshare like Uber or Lyft
  • Metro Transit Bus or light rail
  • Get a ride from a friend or family member
  • Park and ride

How you plan on getting to the airport will determine where you park. For example, if you choose to park and ride, you will park your car at the secure park and ride lot.

Where To Park Your Vehicle When You Travel

Once you determine your airport transportation, you can explore your options for what to do with your vehicle while you are gone. Here are some options:

Car Sharing

One option is to rent out or lend your vehicle to someone else to use while you are away. This can be an excellent option for some people, but it does require contracts, backgrounds, and insurance that can ultimately be not worth it for others.

Leave Your Car At Home

If you have a locked garage, this may be the best option. However, leaving your car in the driveway while you are on vacation is not a good idea because it will be at high risk for a break-in.

Park Your Car With Friends/Family

This is an excellent option if you are fortunate enough to know friends or family who have parking space and are available to watch your car.

Rent Long-Term Storage

Travelers who are digital nomads, studying/working abroad, or temporarily relocating somewhere may benefit from a longer-term storage option. Storage facilities are perfect for storing vehicles. Depending on your provider, They offer storage unit parking and lot parking.

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Park At The Airport or an offsite lot

Parking at the airport is the closest airport parking option. However, the cost of parking at the airport is much higher for this reason. To save money, research offsite airport parking services that are near the airport, which provide shuttle service to and from your car at their lot and the airport terminal.

All of these are great long-term parking options that will keep your car protected while you are traveling.

What Are The Parking Options At MSP Airport

There are two types of parking options available when traveling out of MSP Airport. The first is on-site airport parking, which includes daily and hourly options for both travelers and drop-off/pickup. Some of these on-site parking options do offer longer-term parking. However, they get really expensive.

Off-site parking is provided by private companies with access authorization to MSP Airport. Unlike the on-site parking at the airport, off-site parking was designed for affordable long-term parking.

Some off-site parking companies, like EZ Air Park, also offer security features like 24/7 staff, security lights and gated entry, and a fully-fenced parking lot that will protect your car while you travel. Off-site parking lots also offer a shuttle service that takes you to MSP after you’ve parked your car and bring you back when you return. At EZ Air Park, there are discounts for long-term stays, including offers like staying a week and getting one day free for every seven days you stay.

How To Choose The Best Long-Term Parking Provider

When parking at MSP Airport, there are many options for off-site parking. Choosing the right option will ensure that your car stays protected while you are traveling.

Start by ensuring the facility offers adequate security, like surveillance cameras or staff and fencing.

Then check if they offer transportation services like shuttles. Next, make sure the facility’s accessibility and operating hours match your travel schedule.

Finally, choose a provider that suits your budget, locations and provides peace of mind for leaving your vehicle parked for an extended period.

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How To Prepare A Car For Long-Term Parking

Off-site airport parking offers security and protection that ensure you will return to your vehicle in excellent condition. However, it’s smart to take extra precautions to protect your car in case of the unexpected.

Here is how to prepare your vehicle for long term off-site airport parking:

  • Remove all valuables, including your vehicle documentation
  • Make sure your tires have enough air pressure to prevent flat spots
  • Fill up the gas tank and top off all the fluids
  • Lock all the doors and the trunk
  • Use a sun visor on your windshield to protect from heat and sun damage
  • Consider disconnecting the battery if you will be gone for more than one week

Talk to the airport parking lot managers to see if they have any other recommendations for protecting your vehicle while you are traveling.

There are many options for parking your vehicle when traveling out of MSP Airport. If you are traveling for a long time, consider booking airport parking with EZ Air Park. It’s the perfect place to store your vehicle while you travel. We offer the service, amenities, and security you need to make traveling to and from the airport a breeze.